Our mission is to provide a genuine and sustainable yoga practice that supports and evolves the physical and emotional health of our students. Mayu is known for its dedicated and knowledgeable teachers and for providing quality Vinyasa yoga classes that emphasize the importance of breath and alignment. We look forward to welcoming you into both our Mission and Noe Valley locations!

Featured Teacher


Katharine Otis

Katharine came to the yoga practice through her studies in theater as an actress. At first it was yoga asana that supported her acting practice and now it is the yoga process (the continued linking of the mind, body and breath to the present moment over an extended period of time) that has helped her whole life. Dedicated to the philosophy of yoga outlined by Sri Patanjali, Katharine aims to pepper her classes with the wisdom of the ancestors, applied to the modern yogi! Katharine prides herself on creative sequencing that uses each pose intelligently to prepare the body for a specific event in class. Always close to humor, Katharine's approach to the practice is playful and fun! Katharine earned a B.F.A. in Theater at NYU in 2002, was certified as a yoga teacher at the Laughing Lotus NYC in 2005, completed a pranayama certification at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in 2009, received a certificate from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Sound, Music, Voice, and Healing in 2010, and has studied the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali extensively with Kate Holcombe and Chase Bossart. Visit her website: www.katharineotis.com


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"While San Francisco is full of yoga studios, it is difficult to find a studio that is a good fit. I've seen many yoga studios, including one with a version of Richard Simmons with a headset in 120F heat. Over the last 10 years, I have witnessed Yoga change from foreign and estranged (my first introduction to yoga was a class in "Stretching 101") to something emerging from off the fringe. Once in a while I hear folks saying, "Oh I should get back into yoga again." Yoga is becoming the thing more and more body’s need. Over the last two years, Yoga Mayu has become my home studio. It leans slightly towards the traditional side of yoga (mix of Raja, Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha) and I like this because you are less likely to injure yourself that way, and you leave feeling physically challenged and refreshed. The ambiance is calm, welcoming and generally allowing you to learn / teach yourself, without worrying about others around you. People are friendly. It's a great place to learn and recollect yourself before heading out into the big, bad world again"
- Claire K. 'Yelp'